Reviewing binary options comparison sites

Site name: Top11BinaryOptions

What I like about the site: Pretty much everything. The comparison list on the main page includes about 20 of the top binary options brokers, with a very clear breakdown of what each has to offer, what each one requires, where the broker is available (or unavailable) and an overall ranking for each broker.

Binary Options also has very well-written extended reviews about every broker it ranks, which is especially helpful when you have several that are all very good, with similar requirements, benefits and payouts, but each have a particular feature (or features) that set it apart from other brokers. These features are very often what makes that broker an especially good fit for certain traders.

Finally, I love that traders can contact Top11BinaryOptions with their own feedback about brokers. If the feedback is about brokers not covered by Top11BinaryOptions, then the site’s analysts investigate. If the feedback contradicts what the reviews or the rankings have indicated, then the Top11BinaryOptions team looks into the discrepancy and updates the site as needed.

What I dislike about the site: While I appreciate that Top11BinaryOptions only reviews brokers that it sees as reliable and successful “top brokers,” it would be nice to see some of the brokers that the analysts have deemed as unreliable, unsuccessful, and even those of questionable integrity and honesty. There are literally hundreds of online binary options brokers, and only seeing the ones that have passed a certain test leaves the trader wondering if brokers that do not appear on the site are unreliable. or simply were not investigated and rated at all.

Conclusion: Despite the one drawback discussed above, I found that Top11BinaryOptions provides an excellent ranking and review system of binary options brokers that traders should be looking at and considering for their trading careers.